Socializing Science represents all PhD candidates connected to the various departments of the Faculty of Social Sciences of the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. As PhD candidates we work on a scientific research project for – usually – three or four years. The projects are aimed to result in a dissertation and, provided a successful defense, in a PhD title. We work in a variety of scientific fields; Sociology, Communication Science, Organization Science, Philantropic Studies, Political Science, Public Administration to Social & Cultural Anthropology.

We are excited about science and we want to share the wealth. On Socializing Science we intend to discuss and present our work to a broad audience. “Socializing Science” not only refers to explaining social science to society, but also to building a lively scientific and public community.

By explaining the process, practice and results of social scientific research we intend to reach a broad audience. This may range from interested laymen, to people interested in the practical relevance of science, to other academics working in similar or different areas. Our colleagues within VU University  Amsterdam are an obvious more nearby target group.

Socializing Science was launched February 2014 by the Graduate School of Social Sciences at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (VU-GSSS), the Netherlands. The website’s title was invented by Sothy Khieng, the logo design is by Robert Paauwe.

Editor: Dr. Camiel Beukeboom
Editorial assistent: Alexandra Filius

You can reach us at socializingscience.fsw@vu.nl or @socsciVU